Warm Lakes

These picturesque lakes are located seven kilometers from Lake Baikal in the dense forest at the base of mountains. In summer water in lakes warms up till 25-28 0C. The name "Warm Lakes" unites three lakes. The largest one is the Emerald. Another two are Inanimate and Fairy-Tale. Lakes are not connected between themselves and even water is different according to chemical composition – there is no explanation for this yet.

Warm Lakes

(one day tour) 

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- see the incredible view to the South Baikal from the top of the hill


- visit Kultuk village


- pass through Slyudyanka town


- see relict forest


- visit three Warm Lakes: Emerald, Fairy-Tale and Inanimate


- visit a chapel on the lake coast


- climb up to the Hat Monomakh mountain


price from 5 000 rub.

Duration: from 9:00 till 19:00.




1 person – 12 500 rub.


2 people – 7 000 rub. per person


3 people – 6 000 rub. per person


4 people  and more – 5 000 rub. per person.



Price is included all transfers, English-speaking guide and entrance fee to the National Park.

Extra payments: food and drinks.


If you want you can swim in the lakes, but you need to take with you a swimsuit, towel and slippers.


Also you should take lunch box and drinking water with you.