Irkutsk is a historical city, the ancient crossroads of trade routes, the capital of Eastern Siberia. It is successfully combining the grandeur and originality of the historical centre and the modern blocks, the traditions of the most intelligent and cultural Siberian city with modern industrial and scientific educational capability and developed infrastructure.


Irkutsk - walking tour

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- Moscow Gates - historical point of city entrance of the past - The monument to the founders of Irkutsk - The Epiphany Cathedral - The temple of the Savior -The Polish Church - Main Square - Old houses of Zhelyabov street - Karl Marx street - Raising of the Cross Church - 130 square - a restored part of the Old Town  

price from 1 000 rub.

Duration:  2 – 2,5 hours.




1 person – 4 000 rub.


2 people -  2 000 rub. per person


3 people and more – 1 500 rub. per person



Irkutsk - car  tour

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- Kazansky Church


- Znamensky monastery


- Moscow Gates - historical point of city

 entrance of the past


- The monument to the founders of Irkutsk


- The Epiphany Cathedral


- The temple of the Savior


-The Polish Church


- Main Square


- Old houses of Zhelyabov street


- Karl Marx street

- Irkutsk Academic Drama Theatre


- Regional Museum


- The monument to Alexander III


- 130 square - a restored part of the Old Town



price from 1 500 rub

Duration:  2,5 - 3 hours.




1 person – 4 500 rub.


2 people - 2 500 rub. per person


3 people and more – 2 000 rub. per person



3-days tour to Lake Baikal – Irkutsk, Listvyanka, Circum Baikal Railway and Olkhon Island

This tour will introduce you to the major attractions of our region. During these days you can immerse yourself in history and at the same time to be alone with nature of our rich region. A three-day tour will give you an unforgettable experience for all your life.

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price from 20 000 rub

Booking is easy and free!

2nd day:


- know more about history of Irkutsk


- visit the main sights of Irkutsk


- visit old churches


- walk through the oldest streets


- departure from Irkutsk, we will drive about 4 hours


- on the way we will stop for lunch in local buryats cafe where you can try pozy (not included)


- then cross the Lake by ferry in summer/ by car in winter


- visit the spirit place Shamanka Rock


- make a stop at Khuzhir village






Duration: 3 days.




1 person – 44 000 rub.


2 people – 27 000 rub. per person


3 people – 22 000 rub. per person


4 people  and more – 20 000 rub. per person.



1st day:


- visit architectural ethnographical open air museum Taltsy


- go up to the beautiful view point (728 meters above the Lake)


- sail on the speed boat to make a wish close to the famous Shaman Stone


- walk through one of the tunnel of Circum Baikal Railway


- then go on foot 4 km and see old steam train


- take the ferry from Port Baikal to Listvyanka


- visit old wooden Orthodox church of Saint Nickolas


- visit local fish and souvenirs market


- come back to Irkutsk at 19:00




3rd day:


- we will start the tour to the North of the Island by Russian military jeep UAZ


- visit Sandy Bay and a part of Stalin times prison (GULAG)


- visit the famous rock Three Brothers


- visit the North part of the Olkhon Island - cape Khoboy and if you are lucky you will see real Baikal seal


- taste delicious Baikal fish soup


- make a wish at the cape Shunte – Left


- come back to Irkutsk at 21:00







Price is included all transfers and English-speaking guide during the whole tour.


First day trip is included entrance tickets to the open air museum Taltsy, rent of a speed boat, tickets to the ferry. 

Price is not included accommodation in Irkutsk, chairlift to the view point (300 rub. per person), lunch, Russian banya/sauna on the coast of the Baikal (by request).


Second and third days are included entrance fee to the National Park, food (2nd day dinner, 3rd day breakfast and lunch) and accommodation in a guesthouse with sharing facilities and very good atmosphere. Price is not included food on the way. Russian banya/sauna (by request).

If you need a room with a private bathroom it charges extra 1 500 rub per person per night.


Due to the long queues for the ferry this tour requires extra transfer from 15th of June till 1st of September which costs 7 000 rub per group (round trip).

During the ice freezing and melting seasons this tour requires extra transfer from end of December till beginning of February and from beginning of April till beginning of May which costs 7 000 rub per group (round trip) plus 700 rub per person for the hovercraft ride (round trip).






Additional services (by request)

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- diving in Listvyanka – dive to the bottom of lake Baikal on 8-16 meters. (20 -30 minutes)


Price: 7 000 rub. per person.


Price is included rent of equipment, training and instructor.


Diving carried out all year round.



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- Russian banya/sauna on the coast of Angara river


price is from 2 500 rub. per hour, depends of the people amount and day time


- Russian banya/sauna on the coast of lake Baikal in Listvyanka




till 6 people 3 000 rub. per hour

more than 6 people charge 300 rub. per hour per person

birch whisks 300 rub.

Price is included:


1. Set of towels and sheets for 6 people.


2. Two birch whisks .


3. Traditional Russian cowberry drink – one liter, tea with herbs – 1 kettle (900 ml)



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- dog sledding in Listvyanka (winter only)




1 km – 1 700 rub. per person


3 km – 2 500 rub. per person


5 km - 3 500 rub. per person


10 km – 6 000 rub. per person


20 km - 9 000 rub. per person


20 km with lunch in forest cooked on fire - 12 000 rub. per person